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How to move from one trick to another.

Proper utilization of transitional diversity will greatly enhance your aesthetics, as well as your ability to generate and maintain power and momentum.

Learn about the different types of vert kick hypers.

Understanding and utilizing the different types of vert landings will allow you to more efficiently create effective, interesting combos.

Invert Landings
Learn about the 4 landings for twisting tricks.

By varying your landing positions on the invert axis, you are able to seamlessly transition from one twisting type to another.

Visual References
Graphics tables and charts for visual learning.

Handy reference material for everything from TKT translations, to swingthrough possibilities from any landing, and more.

All The Good Stuff!

Visual Learning Tools

Invert, Landings, TKT, Transitions, Vert, Videos
All Things Vert
Graphics and Tables, Landings, TKT, Transitions, Vert
Swingthroughs from Inverts
Graphics and Tables, Invert, Landings, Transitions, Videos
Graphics and Tables
Graphics and Tables, Invert, Landings, TKT, Transitions, Vert

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