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A realization..

I’ve hinted at it a number of times, in different places:  at some point, I believe we entered the next major generation of tricking.  The greatest sign, in my mind, is the increasing number of old skool trickers and veterans disowning or downplaying their ‘tricker’ titles.  Guys who no longer identify themselves as trickers, yet continue to trick.  Guys who openly state that the sport is not what it was, and dont want to be part of it.  It would be easy to say they’re just whining because people aren’t tricking how they want them to.  Or to call them hipsters, and claim they’re just trying to be edgy.  Or write them off as dinosaurs who are unable to change.  That’s not the case though..  they’re being honest.  The truth is, the sport has changed, and what the community is doing now isn’t what it was doing 5-10 years ago, by and large.  That means that we’ve fully assumed control.  We’ve taken the reins, and are guiding the sport as we see fit, now.  It is ours.

I recently made an analogy that all along we’ve been playing jazz.  The feel, rhythms, and ideologies of jazz are what have defined us.  Now, many of the pioneers, and those who’ve been instrumental in tricking’s growth, are saying this isn’t jazz we’re playing anymore, it’s something different.  They’re right, it’s funk, and it’s ours.  At some point, many of us will look around, and realize that the age of funk has passed, and hiphop has taken over.  That’s ok, because our funk, and our jazz will always be ours, and we’ve gifted our progress to the next generation, and they’ll play the notes in their own way, to create their own expressions.  It’s all music though, and it is beautiful.

As I see it, we’ve entered the third generation of tricking.  At first, the roots of the sport were in sport karate.  Early trickers were overwhelmingly martial artists first, creating a new skill set to augment their forms, and eventually a spin-off sport/activity.  The second generation, in my mind, is where the backyard trickers began to make their presence known, and began to influence the game into what we have now.  Tricking was no longer an extension of karate, it was truly a stand alone sport for the first time.  Focus shifted away from martial application, for many.  This period showed a massive increase in the power twisting area, and can be looked at, in my opinion, as the age of the dubdub.  At this point in the game, I feel like the majority of elite trickers are all aiming for that dubdub…  Not just the twist bots, but even the well rounded trickers often aim to end their combo with a swing chain, ending in dub, or dubdub.  I think that simple concept, the expected double twist climax, will be the basis for where we go next.  We know that it’s a relatively reasonable standard, and it will likely endure.  What I see now, is I see the new generation doing so in increasingly interesting and complex ways.

The scene as a whole is going to change in the upcoming years.  I won’t assume to know exactly how, though I have my guesses, my hopes, and my goals.  Where this generation will go, is yet to be defined.  We are not bound by what it was “supposed” to be.  We have ownership, and the inherent freedom it brings.  We have the opportunity to grow the sport into our own vision of the sport.  We have the ability to create something amazing that the next generation will be able to grow as they see fit.  That is amazing.  But remember, as we grow this sport we love, we have a responsibility to grow it honestly, and for the greatest good of tricking as a whole.  I am excited to be part of this, and can’t wait to see where we are, and what this thing is in 10 years.

This motivates me.  Let’s do this thing.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
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