Try these remix combos from CMA level two: 1. p1r = p3r = p1h = p3h 2. p1r == p1k == p1h == p1s These combos reinforce the pop takeoff.

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The final part of every kick is its landing.  Vert kicks have implied landings at the point where the kick reaches its target.  This means that hooks land in a backside position on the inside leg, while rounds land in frontside on the outside leg.  This landing is the most common.

Another type of landing is the hyper.  The simplest definition of a hyper is to kick, then land on the kicking foot.  The most prevalent example of this is the 540 kick, or cheat-360-katana (TKT).

To the average tricker, a hyper is simply landing on the kicking foot, which generally requires a bit of extra rotation.  To the TKT user, and a growing number of mainstream users, hypers are defined as 180 degrees of in-air rotation after a kick, and are further divided by which leg, or both, is landed on.  To learn more about these hyper conditions, click the link below.

In the video above, a number of landings are demonstrated in combination.  Notice the first combo uses only regular, non-hypered landings, which the second combo demonstrates the typical landing, followed by the hyper of each kick type.

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