The vert kicking realm is often overcomplicated.  There are 4 parts to every kick: Its takeoff, its total rotation, its kick type, and its landing.

At a basic level, altering takeoffs and landings is often looked at as creating a different trick.  At a more proficient level, these changes are often looked at as different ways of doing the same kick.  For example, a swing-540-round (swing-900 in mainstream), a cheat-540-round (wrap-900), and a pop-540-round (backside-900) are all identical in their total rotation and kick, and only the way they are approached is different.  In a nutshell, it is the takeoff that was altered, but they are all 540-rounds.  Likewise, a hypered pop-540-round is still an average pop-540-round, and only the landing has been altered, or rather, additional effort has been applied after its completion.  By looking at kicks in this simpler way, it becomes easier to grasp that there are only a very small handful of kick tricks, and it is the transition and rotation that changes.  A pop-540-round and pop-900-round are fundamentally the same motions, with only a change to the rotation.

In the video, notice that despite a change in stance or takeoff, the basic technique for each of those kick type is the same, only with added rotation between takeoff and kick.  By understanding this basic fundamental concept, progression to higher rotations should become easier for the body to accept and implement.  Dont worry about the TKT names used, focus on the movements and progression of rotations.



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