The US Tricking Tour has begun!

This summer’s tour is the culmination of months of work and cooperation between several of the US tricking brands to bring out several special guests from around the world, and to deliver high quality experiences for our gatherers.  Trick Dynamix of Connecticut started us off with Battle of Fury.  I had a blast at this event, as I do at most of these things.  The atmosphere was laid back, and no pressure; it was just a big group of passionate people sharing what they love.  I arrived Thursday afternoon, and spent the evening hanging with the squad, chatting and laughing with friends, and watching Neil from Trickstrong/Beastwood sweatshop his merch in Justin Carney’s garage.  Late in the evening, we headed over to the gym and sessioned while our tireless promoters got everything ready for the weekend’s festivities.  The weekend was spent outside on the airtrick, eating with friends, battling, and sessioning until our legs hurt.  It was everything a gathering should be.  It was joy, it was excitement, it was chilling with friends, it was the exhilaration of amazing accomplishments.  There’s so much I’d like to say, but instead I will leave it at: you should come to this next year.  By far one of my favorite gatherings to date.  The east coast scene always does it right.


Because the tour is in full effect now, I’m going to list a few tips for gatherings that help me to have a better, more comfortable time at these things.  Gatherings can be draining, and overwhelming, but a few simple things help me to stay refreshed and happy for the 72 hour marathons.

  • Pack extra socks and underwear:  I usually take 2-3 more of each than i “need”.  After walking around or tricking, sweating like crazy, a fresh pair of both feels great.
  • Shaker Bottle / Water Bottle:  Bring this..  you can stick your socks or something in there during transport, but once you’re at the event, having water close by is key.  You need to hydrate.  It also cuts down on waste at the event, and keeps the gym cleaner.
  • Manners:  Clean up after yourself, dont just leave your trash everywhere.  A smile and a handshake will take you far, and a thank you to your promoters is always appreciated.
  • A “can do” attitude:  you don’t have to be the best tricker there.  Get out there and trick.  We all want to share this with you.
  • Portable Charger:  These are cheap and can be bought at box stores, like Target.  Hunting for a power outlet is always a pain, but if you have a small charger, you can use your phone/camera without worry, and without stopping.
  • Air Mattress:  Also cheap, and if you’re driving in, and plan on sleeping on a floor, these can make a big difference in your rest.
  • Hotels Room:  Partner up with your friends and spring for a room.  You can usually find a place for less than $100 a night.  Divided by 4 people, that’s only $50 extra for the weekend, and it is well worth it.  You will sleep better, have a quiet place to unwind, a tv, a shower/bathtub, and best of all, a toilet that hasn’t been sat on nonstop by sweaty trickers living on a steady diet of Chipotle and energy drinks.  Often times they also have a pool, which is beautiful the day after a hard session, or for soaking sore joints.



Tour Guests- Vivien, Jason, Laurent, Slava, Ben, and the rest of the international crew:  It was a pleasure to watch you all trick, and I feel lucky to get to do it again soon.

Cory Dunson:  Our MC for the battles, and all around great personality.  I laugh more with this man than just about anyone else in the scene.

David Fisher and Eduardo Ruvalcaba:  Members of Team Trick Dynamix, both of these boys are great for conversation, and are beautiful trickers.

The Trick Dynamix Staff:  Big shoutout to our promoters, Justin and Melissa.  They didn’t sleep much, and they went out of their ways to make sure we were all comfortable and taken care of.  They opened their homes to many of us, and even fed us.  Not only to them, but to their staff of helpers who catered, who organized, who worked behind the scenes to deliver a high quality gathering.  Your work was appreciated.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
Just a grumpy old man who really loves tricking.