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A long post, but something I wanted to talk about.. 

Let’s be real here, injuries are a part of the game.  If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us will sustain a major injury at some point.  Not all will require surgery, but the potential for catastrophe is there.  I’m talking about injuries that take you out of tricking, or most physical activity, for months at a time. …

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Vert vs Invert

Because it comes up somewhat often, I felt I’d make a video explaining my perspective on flipped “vert kicks”.

For me, a vert kick is meant to be a single axis trick; it’s all spin, and no flip.  Just as I view a backflip with a 1/4 twist as something different than a true backflip, I view a vertically twisting kick with a degree of…

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Pop cork and pop btwist?!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about pop btwists..  are they real, are they just a shitty, underinverted full, and does it matter?

Yes.  Pop btwists are indeed real, they are indeed shitty underinverted fulls, and it does matter.


The same goes for cork, and if you wanna get really deep into it, tak and raiz.

The point I want to make is that if you want to be specific and…

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US Tricking Tour: Colorado

Things have finally settled down for me, and I can address the events of the last few weeks.  After NEO, I was home for a day and a half, packing my home, weeding my yard, and planning the final parts of Tricktheory Camp.  On Tuesday, camp began, followed by CTG on the weekend, and moving my family to a new home that Sunday.  Needless to say, it was exhausting,…

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The Bar Has Been Raised: NEO4

NEO was everything I expected it to be.  It was massive and overwhelming, and the level of talent was absolutely ridiculous.  The Neotricks boys delivered, and they delivered in a big way.  Last year’s event was spectacular, yet my high expectations were exceeded this year.  The Ohio boys raised the bar of professionalism in more ways than I can name, and I hope that it’s a sign of things…

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Battle Of Fury 2016: It’s Lit!

The US Tricking Tour has begun!

This summer’s tour is the culmination of months of work and cooperation between several of the US tricking brands to bring out several special guests from around the world, and to deliver high quality experiences for our gatherers.  Trick Dynamix of Connecticut started us off with Battle of Fury.  I had a blast at this event, as I do at most of these things. …

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Trick Different

Pikes Peak Tricking’s first event, Trick Different has finally come and gone.  As all gatherings are, this event was a blast, and one I’ll be sure to make it to every year.  It’s always great to see who shows up to these things, and how much they’ve progressed since the last time I saw them, even if it’s only been a few months.  People came to play this weekend,…

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Simplify Your Life

The idea is simple:  look at tricks not by their takeoffs and landings, per se, but by their rotation and flip.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that rather than viewing a cheat-9, swing-9, and pop-9 as 3 distinct tricks, view them as the same trick, a “9”, from a different takeoff or transition.  Where one is possible, all 3 are possible, simply by changing the transition into…

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Evaluating Skill

Been awhile since I’ve vomited my thoughts onto the page..  So here goes.

I’ve found myself in a number of conversations recently about how to evaluate a tricker’s skill, in one capacity or another.  We don’t have ranks, for the most part, or a code of points that says a level XX must be able to complete skills A, B, and C.  So what makes someone a good tricker, or…

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Lovestrong: Trickstrong Gathering 2016

Trickstrong gathering just wrapped up, and as all gatherings are, it was an amazing experience.  For me, this gathering will be remembered for it’s overwhelming love.  The people I talked to had an outpouring of love, not only for the event itself, and the people present, but more importantly, for tricking as a whole.  This gathering set a precedent for 2016 that I hope continues throughout…

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