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The Sketchbook: The Playlist: This playlist contains most of my sessions since July.  They are, for the most part, unedited, and contain every trick or combo I did at that session, in order (except for the first video in the playlist).  Included above, is the condensed August training video. Sorry for the wall of …

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I love palm kicks..  i use them for nearly everything.  It’s to the point where i intentionally leave them out of combos, because otherwise they’d be in every single one. I feel like the overwhelming majority of the times i see others use this trick, it’s to set up master-scoot, or wrap-full.  At this point, …

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The hook kick.. It was probably the first movement you learned in tricking, or one of the first.  It’s used at every level as the main go-to segue into most powerful setups, like touchdown-raiz, masterscoot, and cartwheel, not to mention cheat kicks, and basically everything in between.  Why?  Because it’s convenient, and it’s controlled.  It’s …

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