A lot of times, the suggested method for increasing rotation in vert kicking is to drill the backside kicks (implied pop takeoff).  It works alright, but i find my balance and a lot of my general technique changes enough between a backside pop kick and a frontside cheat kick that this method doesn’t do quite enough for me.  This is particularly true with the first major jumps, like c3round (tornado) to c7round (c9), and c5hook (c7) to c9hook (c10).  That p5round (bs9) is really really easy, but moving to the c7r has a bit of a learning curve.  To lower the curve, you can utilize a cheat takeoff from the backside.  A c5r is barely harder than a tornado, and has a slightly slower timing.  Once it’s dialed in, the same process is repeated for the c7r – it’s just a c5r with a slightly slower timing.  It seems so simple, but every time i show someone an actual backside cheat kick, even at local sessions, i’m met with “woah” and a look like i just did some kind of sorcery.

The funny thing is that we actually see backside cheats all the time..  for example, typically when someone btwists/scoots/etc and vanishes, they’re doing a backside trick.  You can do frontside cheats from btwist/scoot/etc, but you have to change your orientation to the target.  Typically, those tricks that end in complete stance will travel across the target, left or right, which means they terminate in backside.  In order to end in frontside, you actually have to do the setup toward the target.  So we see those vanish-5rounds (vanish 9’s) a lot more often than we see vanish-7rounds (also vanish 9’s – see, no distinction in mainstream for 2 different skills).  Hell, if you look closely, so many “hyper c9’s” in combo are actually 540 rotations, not 720’s like they seem to imply.  I think it’s partly because mainstream terminology lacks the language to deal with this concept, and in turn, it’s not even in the consciousness of the general population.  TKT’ers, The Grump, and Tricktheory want to change that.

You can see in the video that my takeoffs aren’t perfect, and on the katana (hyper round), i kick slightly early, so it comes over the top.  This means i cant really jackknife it yet, so it needs work, but it was included to further illustrate the potential of this simple concept.  I’m nowhere near a c7katana (c9-hyper), but by spamming the c5k, i can more comfortably, and easily reach that goal.  The beauty here is also that you can add fractional additions to the rotation..  as the c5r gets easier, if you choose to, you can start to turn 10-20* at a time closer to c720r.  Hopefully this concept will help others feel like they’re making progress toward their goals with fewer tears and frustration.

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Written by The Grumpiest Of All
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