This concept is discussed briefly HERE.

The idea is that there has been a “missing” swingthrough in tricking..  for every other position, there is a swing from either leg, but not for the raiz axis.  One day, i set out to figure out why.  I created a concept, an inside wrap, or darkside gm, and figured out how to do it pretty quickly..  i actually thought of it on a monday, failed miserably at the session that night, but was successful at landing it the very next day.  That’s where the phone footage in the video comes from.  So i submitted those 3 clips to the Project Soul group on facebook, and almost nobody had any clue wtf it was.  Sessh was the most helpful, and called it a “Lotus-singleleg”, he explained that the lotus class is related to the wrap family, and told me that Neil Toussaint has been destroying the Lotus Doubleleg (aka the gainer doubleleg) for quite some time.  Now i dont see a singleleg, and that was certainly not my intention..  what i see is closer to a switch, or raiz type movement from an awkward swingthrough.  So that’s the basis for my exploration..  if a variation is possible, then a non-variated version must exist.  Because the dleg is possible before really twisting, it is clearly not a typical backswing, where a good deal of twist must be performed before reaching a position to dleg (cork dleg).  Likewise, any time where a dleg is possible, so is a raiz or raiz-axis trick (sideswipe/snapu/etc).

So that was my basic premise..  is this correct?  After a few months of testing myself, and input of a few other testers (Sean Ingel and Dan Pitlock), I believe it is.

Here’s how i visualize this concept in relation to the rest of the known swing types:
Trick Theory-01
Notice that every flipping axis (front, back, inside, outside) has at least 2 ways to swing – one for each leg..  except the raiz axis, without the lotus swing.  The landing stances give us approximate zones for differentiating different types of swingthroughs.  The hyper zone allows us to swing directly backward, such as into a kroc, or turn more sideways, allowing for GM and wrap swings.  Megas can land in approximately sideways orientation as well, such as from a mega aerial, and swing into aerial/btwist type tricks, or it can land completely square and swing into websters.  Same goes semi landings with websters and raizes.  But without the lotus as i’ve presented it, there is a missing possibility – either you skip an entire quadrant and move all the way to a pure backswing, or you need an opposite leg swing type to fill in the gap.  What’s interesting, is that we see this landing position somewhat commonly..  typically a -round variation, like a cork-round, is going to land ~90* short of where a backswing lands, allowing the hips to open up and target that round.  This is where the lotus lives, approximately.  It’s interesting to note that the twisting axis from the lotus is similar/identical to that of a raiz, but from a different landing stance.  We see this trend at other boundries too – aerial/gms, cork/kroc, websters (atwist/raiz when twisted).

At this point, i’ve only landed a few possiblities with this concept, but more come every session..  i can now combo into and out of it (i prefer the hyper), and am working to swing, though progress is slower than i’d like.  Hopefully soon i’ll swing gainer from Lotus, and wrapfull from Hyper (Pitlock said he’s swung from it already, despite being injured).  I’ve landed lotus-hyperhook, poorly, but didn’t bring my camera that day.  Neil made mention in project soul that he believes he can dleg-twist it now, and certainly if he can’t, Will Coneys will soon.  He destroys the lotus dleg HERE.
I’ve attempted lotus-twist a few times into foam, but it is fucking awkward..  it’s like raiz-twist and cork had a disfigured baby.  I wont be lotus snapu-ing anytime soon, but i believe someone will be capable this year.

Go get it, people!

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