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The previous scenarios hinge on relatively backward and sideways landings being converted to more forward takeoffs.  Simply put, from the invert axis, these carrythroughs happen only from complete and hyper landings.  As trickers become more efficient with these, they tend to actually change the transition, often without realizing it.  By pivoting in the air via extra twist, the landing stances are actually changed to mega and semi, creating swingthroughs, rather than carrythroughs.  Because of this phenomenon, carrythroughs from the complete and hyper landings can be very useful stepping stones to the lesser utilized, and arguably more difficult, mega and semi landings.

Carrythroughs allow us to swingthrough from more comfortable landing positions, and change stance at the same time.  For example, complete landings, or backswings, carrythrough into a mega stance for btwist and aerial type tricks, while hyper landings carrythrough into the semi position, allowing frontswings into raiz type tricks, as mentioned earlier.

Almost completely unexplored, carrythroughs from the a mega landing position pivot into complete, ending in a backswing, meaning a mega landing can efficiently carrythrough into gainers and corks. In the instagram post above, notice at the end of the combo, the scissor landing (mega), followed by a moonkick to the same target.  This can only be accomplished by pivoting from mega to complete during the swingthrough, creating a carrythrough.

Similarly, a semi landing can efficiently carrythrough into the GMS and Wrap/Tak realm accessible from the hyper position.  This concept is most easily accomplished by landing in semi with the swinging leg already close to, or even behind the base leg, in what some would call a “fake” stance.


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