TKT is a system created by Dan Perez De Tejada that labels vert kicking by actual rotation, rather than the traditional method of grouping similar kicks from each stance by general rotational ideas.  Vert kick names in TKT are constantly talked about on facebook, as well as other places, and while many people claim to understand, a fair number of them actually still get it wrong.  In a nutshell, TKT names use the actual rotation of the kick from the beginning of the takeoff method until the kick lands on target.  This is, and should be, relatively simply.  Where the confusion lies is in the deeper understanding that the in-air rotation of the trick differs when using a sequential takeoff method.  It is not uncommon for people who dont use TKT names on a regular basis to mistakenly label the trick by its in-air rotation, rather than its total rotation.




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