pop-720-hook (bs1080)

One of the most convenient parts of mainstream terminology is that it lumps its kick types (round or hook) with rotational numbers.  Regardless of stance, the whole-rotation numbers, 360’s, 720’s, 1080’s, etc., are always hook kick tricks, while the round kick tricks are on the half rotations, 540’s, 900’s, 1260’s, etc.

It should be noted that the actual rotation of all of these kicks is 180 degrees less than implied, from frontside, and a full 360 degrees less from backside.  This means that a pop-900 is actually only 720 degrees of rotation, and that a backside-900 (implied pop takeoff) is actually only a 540 degree rotation.  Notice in the clip above, the “backside 1080” is only 2 rotations (720 degrees) from pop until the kick hits the target.

TKT, on the other hand, chooses to instead label the kick type, and not the stance, using actual rotation.  So using the pop-900 and backside-900 examples, in TKT these would be called simply pop-720-round, and pop-540-round.  Simple enough, but when you start altering the takeoffs, and transitions into these kicks, people often start making mistakes.


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