cheat360-round vanish 540-hook pop 540-hook

The pop takeoff is very convenient for painting the broad strokes with TKT, but it gets a little more difficult when the takeoff and transition change.

First, understand that there are 2 sequential takeoffs into vert kicks, the cheat takeoff, which is widely known and understood, and the swing takeoff (aka: stepover).  The swing takeoff is far less utilized, and should never be confused with a swingthrough transition, though people occasionally shorten the transition to just ‘swing’.  Both of these takeoffs can be done from both back and front side stances, and it should be understood that both takeoffs have up to 180 degree of rotation on the ground.  This means that a cheat-720-round (cheat-900 mainstream) is actually only 540 degrees of in-air rotation:  180 for the cheat + 540 spin + round.  However, the name stays cheat-720-round because the takeoff is part of the total trick rotation, and the on-ground rotation is implied by the takeoff or transitional tag.  A swing-540-round (swing-900 mainstream) is only 360 degrees of in-air rotation, but again retains the 540 designation because the on-ground rotation is part of the total trick rotation, and is implied.

In the clip above, watch the in-air rotation of each trick.  Notice that the 2 cheat kicks use approximately 180 degrees of on-ground rotation, making their in-air values a half turn less than implied.  This is contrasted by the pop-540-hook at the end, which is a true value.  The biggest point to understand here is that both hook tricks are the same rotation, start to finish, but the takeoff type changes how much rotation is done in the air.


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