cheat-540-hook carrythrough 360-katana (c7 c/t 540)

When labeling the transition type, simply drop the takeoff type, and replace it with the transitional tag.  For example, a cheat-360-round (tornado) followed by a cheat-540-hook (cheat-720 mainstream) is a vanish transition, and can be written:  cheat-360-round vanish-540-hook (tornado vanish-720).  Notice that no rotation is lost in the equation because the transition simply took the place of the takeoff.

When this can get confusing, is when more complex transitions, such as carrythroughs, are used.  Because the carrythrough has an implied stance change, as much as 360 degrees can also be implied by the transition itself.  For example, cheat-540-hook carrythrough-360-Katana  (cheat-720 carrythrough 540).  In order for this to work, it is implied that after the first kick, the leg was swung back to a frontside stance (180 degrees), to account for the stance change in a carrythrough, then swung back up and around into the cheat (an additional 180 degrees), accounting for the takeoff type.


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