Where TKT shines, and truly becomes useful for communication, is in the uncommon.  For example, swing takeoffs away from the target, from frontside, and cheat takeoffs from backside.  In mainstream terminology, a swing-720-round and a swing-540-round are both called swing-900’s, despite the the obvious rotational differences.  This breeds ambiguity.

In reality, when using transitional tags, such as swingthrough, this becomes even more obvious.  For example, tornado swingthrough-900 (mainstream) implies, to most trickers, a landing in approximately backside, and swingingthrough toward the target, more or less.  Mainstream lacks the language to clearly differentiate the difference between this swingthrough-540-round, and a frontside landing that swingsthrough away from the target into a rotationally higher trick.

In TKT, this second scenario can simply be labeled as a tornado swingthrough-720-round.  When landing in backside, tornado swingthrough-540-round will work for the majority of people, but is not entirely accurate.  To be completely accurate, it should also carry the hyper-style landing tag, if the tornado lands in approximately backside, or be changed to a carrythrough transition if the tornado lands at the point of the kick, pivots toward backside, then swings into approximately frontside before takeoff.  This same principles can be applied to a more common differentiation that is largely ignored or unnoticed, vanishing into cheat-900’s (mainstream).  If the tornado is landed at the round kick, and the following cheat initiated from frontside, the “cheat-900” is a cheat-720-round.  However, more commonly, whether intentionally or not, the round gets pulled through to approximately backside before the cheat is initiated, creating a cheat-540-round.  In mainstream, both of these tricks are simply vanish-900’s, or cheat-900’s, despite being different rotations and difficulties.

For reference, Cinematicmartialarts on Instagram has a number of clips demonstrating rotational changes to vert kicks using both TKT and mainstream terminology, for both directions.  Below, the basic variations of both hook and round kicking tricks are demonstrated (left side spinners).  Notice the “wrap” tricks begin in a backside stance, while the “cheat” begin in frontside.


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