Vanish Jackknife

Swingthroughs from complete landings are, in many ways, the defining attribute of tricking.  This position (Backside-Complete) is where the gainer and cork axis tricks swingthrough from.  As the rotation of the twist nears completion, the performer opens into the “eagle” position, ready to land on the outside kicking leg, with the inside kicking leg and arms stretched back, ready to swingthrough upon landing.  A similar, but much less exaggerated position can also be convenient when preparing to vanish, as it allows a more controlled, prepared landing into cheat takeoffs, usually for vert kicks.

Notice in the clip above how the typical “Eagle” position makes the vanish transition more natural and controlled.  By separating the landing legs, the transition is slightly slowed, making it easier to control, and more closely mimicking a more common step entry into the cheat kick.

Another option, and one still almost completely unknown, is the Lotus swingthrough, talked about here.  Unlike the typical backward landing in complete, the lotus is initiated from a slightly under-rotated position, similar to that of a typical -round variation, or Outside-Complete position.  This allows the performer to swing into raiz axis tricks, from the outside landing leg.  When over-rotating the lotus swingthrough, a more traditional backswing is initiated and the cork axis is available.



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