btwist skip raiz

Skips are the secondary form of the vanish, and simply put, they function similarly, but never allow both feet to touch at the same time.  It is a hop from one leg to the other, which generally causes a change in stance.

From the complete landing stance, by swinging the in-air leg past the base leg, then hopping onto it, the performer has essentially changed to a hyper stance.  From here, a number of different swingthrough type tricks become possible, such as master swings and even wraps.  What’s interesting here is that the rhythm of the combination has stuttered, as well as efficiently linked tricks that aren’t normally comboed together.  This idea, along with the more simple vanish transition, can be used as a stepping stone for future hypered landing combinations, as well as for its unique aesthetic.

In a very similar technique, but with slightly more pivot during the transition, it is possible to move all the way into a semi landing position, allowing for raiz axis tricks.  The skip is the easiest method for creating dynamic, often challenging, transitions from the otherwise mundane complete landing into tricks initiated from hyper or semi positions, without changing the overall directional flow of a combo.


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