Probably the least explored possibilities for the complete landing are the carrythrough and missleg transitions.  These can sometimes blur together, depending on execution and combo choice, but the concept that is important to understand is that the carrythrough from a complete landing stance creates a stance change to the mega position.  This means that suddenly, from a backward landing, a forward takeoff into btwist or aerial type tricks is possible.

As the leg swings through, a pivot occurs, causing the upper body to change from backward traveling to forward, while retaining the same linear momentum or travel.  There are a number of techniques to accomplish this, with the easiest being to pivot into mega upon landing, then swingthorugh.  Another method is to pivot as the legs pass one another, changing the backswing into a frontswing, or outward swing more typical of a side to side aerial.  The difficulty is in defining this stance change, and making sure that it actually occurs.  It can be very easy to rush this, and simply do a slightly strange cork or gainer.  The more natural method, for many is to delay the stance change until the end of the swing, near the apex.  By choosing this method, the transition will typically more closely resemble a missleg than a carrythrough.

Regardless of which method is chosen, it tends to be easier and more powerful if it is treated like a typical swingthrough, and the power is focused through the upswing.  Whether or not the leg technically rebounds and misslegs, or a clean carrythrough motion is achieved, is more or less irrelevant in the grand scheme.  The point to focus on here is that complete landings don’t need to be used expressly for backside tricks and swingthroughs into corks.


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