lotus dleghh s/t gms

Lotus/Gainer Doubleleg-Hyperhook swingthrough GMS

The second landing stance in the series is the hyper landing.  On the invert axis, this means landing on the inside leg, with approximately 90 degrees of extra rotation, in approximately a backside or inside stance.  Landing on both feet in a similar position can, and does, generally still carry the hyper tag as well.

The hyper landing in inverts should not be confused with those of vert kicking, where further distinctions are made.  Hypers from the vert kicking realm don’t really apply to the inverted realm, nor does the inverted version of hyper apply to the vert realm.  It should be noted that several base tricks, such as cartwheels, aerials, GMS’s, gainer-flashes, and butterflies all land in natural hyper stances, although they don’t carry a hyper tag.


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