Hyper landings are favorites for their obvious extension, the hyper-hook, or as some say, ‘cutter’ variations.  Even when not variated, the hyper landing is extremely useful for swingthroughs into master swings, such as grandmaster swipes, as well as into wraps.  It is the hyper landing that allows these types of swingthroughs to chain consecutively like the complete landing and corks, or gainer-switches do.  Specifically, an Inside-Hyper position is generally preferred and utilized because it allows for a greater range of kicking targets, as well as more commonly used swinging options (GMS/Wrap), not to mention, it is generally more natural to land in from a twist.  The less frequently utilized Backside-Hyper is generally only seen for tricks like Kroc and Holy Hook, or vanishing into Corks.


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