twist-mega swingthrough aerial skip aerial-switch skip GMS pop 3.

Less utilized from the hyper, but by no means uncommon, is the vanish transition.  Where complete vanishes into cheat takeoffs, hyper vanishes into swing takeoffs.  This allows for a simple, powerful transition into btwist and aerial axis tricks, as well as swing kicks.

For this scenario, an Inside-Hyper landing is usually preferred.  In a similar fashion, utilizing a skip rather than a simple vanish changes the stance to mega, creating the same possibilities with increased difficulty, and a dynamic change in aesthetic and rhythm, such as in the above clip.  This same combo could have been performed using a simple vanish, but by incorporating the skip, a slightly different aesthetic, as well as a higher degree of difficulty occurs, however subtle it may be at first glance.

The key here is often to switch feet quickly, and continue the momentum of the upper body past the base leg as much as possible.  The further the shoulders and head lag behind, the harder any sort of flip or twist becomes.  In the example above, notice how far the upper body travels during the transition from aerial to aerial-switch.


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