Perhaps one of the most common uses for hyper stance landings, as well as the most often mis-termed, is for carrythroughs into raiz axis type tricks.  Truly, hyper stance landings, such as aerials and gainer flashes (despite the fact that they don’t carry hyper tags) carrythrough into raiz axis tricks.  The problem, however, is that many people become so proficient at this that they actually perform the pivot before landing, creating a semi landing and swingthrough transition.  It is the orientation of the hips on landing, as well as the presence of a pivot during the transition that differentiates a semi and swingthrough from a hyper and carrythrough.  Regardless of this finer point, it is still generally understood in the community that one or the other can occur, and most people opt to use the more familiar hyper and carrythrough terms.  These concepts are demonstrated in the video above, and can be further studied in the transitional sections.


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