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Almost never seen from the mega landing, although occasionally talked about, is the carrythrough.  This can function somewhat like a ‘kaydem’ or no-handed ‘blaster scoot’.  Essentially the leg swings up and around like an aerial (or even a round kick) would, and as the pivot occurs, changes to a complete stance and backswing motion.  Obviously, this opens the door for possible gainers and corks.  This technique is somewhat easier using a slightly off axis, or heavily flat-spun trick, because full inversion may require a higher degree of flexibility and strength.

Another, possibly easier method comes from mega landings that tend to land in a Frontside-Mega position, like Scissor variations.  In this scenario, the forward landing occurs on the outside kicking leg, often with the inside leg extended to the side for a twist kick, or rechambering after one.  From here, to carrythrough, the twisting momentum is allowed to continue pulling the performer around, creating a simple pivot into a complete stance with a lotus swing, or backswing.  This motion functions similarly to a typical pivot-step into a backswing, where the hips turn abruptly away, causing the swinging leg to be dragged around, then slingshotted through.

Watch the last moves in the clip above.  Notice that the scissor ends in mega, and quickly pivots into complete to backswing into the moonkick.  Without that pivot, the moonkick would target a different spot, but a quick pivot on the ground allows the momentum and target to be maintained between two tricks that land and takeoff from different positions.


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