Semi-atwist s/t snapu

As mentioned in the hyper section, this landing is favored for swingthroughs into the raiz axis, and is still often mislabeled as a carrythrough transition.  Continuing with the aerial to raiz combination mentioned, when landing semi, the trick is actually called an Aerial Semi-Twist, or Semi-Atwist, because it is slightly less rotation than an Aerial-Twist, the next rotation up in the chain.  Another way to label this is simply to call it an Aerial-semi.  While not the intended use of the semi- term, this terminology is somewhat more common within the community.

This landing allows for a linear frontswing into the raiz axis, meaning that because there is no on-ground pivot, or stance change, the transition is not a carrythrough, but actually a swingthrough.  This scenario is by far the most common use of this largely unexplored landing, although the concept is quickly catching on, and being executed far more often.


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