Btwist missleg aerial-switch missleg btwist pop flash

Arguably the most common trick from a missleg is the btwist. This can be performed from any number of tricks where the outside leg lands first, and is often used to change the direction of travel in a combo.  It is not uncommon for trickers to mistakenly think of a missleg btwist as a unique trick, rather than a simple btwist from a different transition.  Typically in a missleg, the in-air leg will make a check-mark or “V” shaped line, which is the easiest way to differentiate a missleg from another singular transition, including the missleg’s secondary form, the rapid.

Another old term that isn’t really used very often anymore, known as the Flagella, is simply a round kick that frontswings into btwist or aerial.  It was so named because the in-air leg tends to flail around like the whip of a flagella.  Traditionally, this has been thought of as a missleg transition, but it actually functions more closely to a swingthrough when done efficiently.  The movement is continuous and fluid, and the leg never really fits the profile of the missleg transition.  It should be noted that this is not a special trick, it is only a btwist or aerial from a very specific setup.


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