a series of reversal transitions into a pop

A brother (or perhaps evil twin) to the vanish, and cousin to most singular transitions, the reversal is another highly utilized transition, and is capable of great power.  A reversal is simply landing sequentially, then taking off in the opposite sequence.  For example, if you land on your Left foot first, followed by your Right foot, you will take off first from the Right foot, followed by the Left foot.  Reversals can be seen as a shuffle, or a switch step.  One leg just kind of bounces off the ground into the next trick.

One of the most useful things about the reversal transition is its similarity to the swingthrough, carrythrough, and missleg (Singular Transitions).  Whenever a reversal, or it’s secondary form the redirect, is possible, a singular transition can be substituted, and vice versa.  This makes the reversal a potentially useful tool as an intermediary step in more difficult transitions.


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