Hook reversal 540-hook reversal 360-katana (hook c7 540)

Perhaps the most common reversal transition is the hyper-style hook kick, or hook kick that sets down in frontside, followed by a cheat kick.  The key here is to touch down with the outside leg, and lift it immediately into the cheat without moving the inside leg.

There is often a certain twitch with the inside leg that creates what some would argue is a Redirect transition, the reversal’s secondary form.  Arguably, the intent should be recognized, as long as the adjustment of the first landing leg is minimal and does not create a stance change.  This same concept is already applied in swingthroughs where the swinging foot accidentally brushes the floor on the way through.  Technically this creates a reversal, but the intent and function of the transition is clearly a swingthrough and is recognized as such.


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