swing-360-hook carrythrough 360-round reversal 540-Katana (stepover-hook c/t tornado reversal 9-hyper)

From a hyper-style round kick, or any round that kicks all the way to backside, the reversal transition greatly emulates the functions of swingthroughs into both swing kicks, and corks and gainers.  Simply put, the round kicking leg should be swung around hard, only contacting the floor for an extra push off.  As mentioned on the previous page, this transition can sometimes cause an adjustment step between landing and takeoff.  While this technically creates a redirect, it may be better to recognize it as a reversal in cases where the adjustment is minimal, and not used to greatly alter the position of the performer.

In order to move toward a swingthrough, this transition can be done by decreasing the push from the floor with the inside leg, relying more and more on the base leg and general momentum to create jump into the second trick.

Similarly, to baby step into a missleg from this transition, it should be modified to utilize less push from the floor with the inside leg, and a bit more of a pause.  Focus on allowing the leg to literally miss its landing, then rebounding upward into the next trick.  Hook kicks and and hypered round kicks are rarely used for reversal transitions in this way, but using a similar technique so can be useful stepping stone for a more difficult transition like a carrythrough, or wrapthrough.


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