Not commonly used, a hypered hook, or round kick landing in frontside to reversal transition can actually be an aesthetically pleasing choice, as well as create a certain unexpected change in rhythm and tempo.  This requires a swing away from the back, usually, and as such, flikflaks and cork variations are a common choice for this, although swing kicks can be found from time to time.  As with most transitions, in order to increase control, an under rotation before the transition, with more pivot on the ground is useful.  Often times, a change from a frontside stance to more of an outside stance can be useful to maintain momentum, depending on the tricks being performed.  The reverse of this, comes from the hypered round, or hook kick, and reversals into a cheat kick.  Again, this uncommon shuffle can create a unique aesthetic within a combo.  Similar to its frontside equivalent, this can also be done by adopting more of an inside stance, rather than a true backside stance, in order to preserve momentum, or simply to be more comfortable when performing it.