Tornado-Hyper reverse-pop cheat-360-hook

Arguably the most overlooked transition, the reverse-pop is exactly what it sounds like, a Pop transition in reverse.  Simply put, you land on both feet, and takeoff one at a time.  Reverse-pops are excellent transitions to create a change in rhythm and aesthetic because overwhelmingly, a trick landed on 2 feet is going to be punched out of.

Choosing to reverse-pop is usually unexpected and therefore often gives a surprising feel to the combo, as well as gives you the ability to combo into tricks that are not generally seen from a two footed landing.  The beauty of this transition is in its technicality, and rhythmic change, as it is usually somewhat slower than the expected punch.  Landing on both feet can be more difficult than landing sequentially, in some situations, but you are given the flexibility of choosing your takeoff type with relatively equal difficulty.

It should be noted that the reverse-pop and one form of the bound into a vert kick are the only places in TKT where the transitional tag inadequately describes the takeoff, and the additional cheat or swing takeoff tag following the transitional tag is necessary to avoid ambiguity.


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