c3r (tornado) skip masterscoot swingthrough cork

Skipping from rounds can be done in a number of ways.  One way of doing this is to treat the transition like a swing or carry into another swing or carry.  Quite simply land the round kick, then let it swingthrough toward the backside position, and hop to the other leg.  This puts the body in position for efficient master and wrap tricks, as demonstrated in the clip above, or with a degree of pivot, into gumbi and raiz axis tricks.

By using a skip transition in this way, a sort of back and forth aesthetic is created, which adds an interesting rhythmic change to combos.  Also in doing so, a degree of tension is built up in the body, which when released is actually quite powerful.  This is an excellent method for connecting rounds to tricks that would typically follow a hook, without sacrificing power.  The drawback is that when carrying a lot of momentum, the back and forth travel can be difficult to execute or control.  The fix to this problem is mentioned below.

As mentioned in the overview, Skips can be looked at as a series of singular transitions.  In these terms, another well known skip from round kicks functions like a missleg into a wrap kick.  When the round kick is landed, immediately turn into backside, while hopping in the direction the momentum is carrying you, and onto the inside leg (typically the momentum will be traveling to the left of the target, for left spinners, so the hop should follow that line).  This position is like that of a chambered hook or hypered round kick (katana), and easily sets up wrap kicks.  Similarly, this technique is a useful modification for moving into master and wrap tricks, as mentioned above, when carrying a lot of momentum.


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