c7r vanish 3k skip gainer-switch vanish Jackknife c9 vanish 540 skip gswitch vanish Jackknife

Skipping from hooks, and by extension, Hypered rounds (katanas), is somewhat uncommon, but can emulate the motion of a J-step.  This method has a tendency to alter the line of momentum and target, but it doesn’t have to.  Because of its similarity to the J-step motion, it is not uncommon to see skips into inverts from hooks and katanas, such as in the clip above.

Notice the exaggerated hop from foot to foot.  It is this that really defines the skip from the vanish, and gives the transition its unique aesthetic.  Also notice that the skip transition can, and does function like a series of singular transitions.  In this case, a wrap or missleg into a swingthrough.

This concept of stacking singular transitions opens the door to more creative and unusual applications, such as carrying a hook into frontside, skipping to the other leg, in backside, then swinging into another vert kick.  Another concept is to finish the hook, and essentially missleg into a mega-like position, then missleg or swingthrough into something like a btwist, or even stay vert and perform a frontside rotation swing kick.  These possibilities are widely unexplored, but occasionally make their way into videos.


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