btwist skip raiz

Skips, in a nutshell, allow you to change stances and swingthrough.  A complete landing from the invert axis can skip into both hyper and semi landing positions, allowing things like GMS or raiz to be swung from any standard landing that would normally go straight into gainer or cork.  When landing on the outside leg, in a complete position, the inside leg is generally swung past the base, then hopped onto.  As the legs switch, a rotational pivot is applied, if necessary, to allow for a fluid swingthrough into the new axis.  This is probably the most common use of the skip transition on the invert axis, but it can be applied from any landing position.  The rule of thumb being that the landing will change legs during the transition, meaning that you will be able to essentially swingthough into the “wrong” side tricks using a skip.  This concept is more thoroughly explored from each landing stance in the Advanced: Invert Landings sections.


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