This section is about how to make changes to your tricks to create sometimes uncommon aesthetics, while facilitating the functionality or transitioning from a more typical skill.  In short, this section will attempt to lay out methods of altering landings to transition in ways that the novice tricker is probably completely unaware of, while serving whatever needs may be present.

The simplest, and earliest form of stance manipulation we play with is in hypering vert kicks, as well as the four landing stances from the invert axis.  We use these tools to change our positioning so that we can alter our transition or takeoff method into the next trick.  Basically, its how we change things so that we can efficiently get where we need to, when we need to go there.  Most experienced trickers understand this concept relatively well, but what they dont always do well is break away from the generic molds to create something new and unique.  The goal of this section is to examine ways of changing the way we approach combinations to create unique and interesting methods of performing the same concepts, and even to “break” the “rules” we may be bound by.