pop-180-hook-HyperHalfGyro vanish cartdub (p3gyro cart dub)

One completely overlooked and under-appreciated tool for the vert kicker is the hyper half gyro, or 360 degree rotation after a kick.  The beauty of this concept is that it allows all of the same transitions and possibilities of the opposite kick type’s hypers.

What this means is that by hyper half gyroing from a hook kick (hook + 360* rotation), such as in the clip above, we are able to choose which landing position to use, and transition identically to any hypered round kicking trick, or what are essentially complete and hyper landing positions and possibilities from the invert axis.

For example, typically corks and gainers are performed from a round kicking trick that is most commonly landed hyper-style (in backside, on the non-kicking leg), because it allows the performer maintain their horizontal momentum line without changing target or orientation.  Similarly, things like rapid-round, or wrap combos tend to come from katanas (true-hypered rounds), or feinted hook tricks.  These patterns can create a certain generic feel to combos, or at the very least, they have been thoroughly explored and have diminishing impact.  By choosing to use a hook hyper half gyro trick in place of the round trick, the potential landing positions are the same, but a very different in-air aesthetic is created.  This can create an element of surprise, and gives us extra time between the kick and the landing, while still allowing us to easily choose our landing position and outgoing transition.

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