c3rHHG st Raiz

Cheat-360-Round-Hyper-Half-Gyro s/t Raiz (540-gyro s/t Raiz)


Following the same concept, when swinging or carrying into raiz axis tricks,  a hook trick is almost always performed.  By using a round hyper half gyroed trick, conditions are identical, but with an uncommon flavor.  In essence, this concept creates mega and semi type landings and possibilities, as well as identical possibilities to hypered hook kicking positions.

In the clip above, a typical 540 kick is used, but overrotated 180*.  The addition of the half gyro takes the performer from a typical hyper stance, such as where a wrap could be performed, and lands in a semi- position, allowing a raiz to be performed.  It may be subtle, to some, but to those who understand what they’re seeing, it creates a big impact, and an unexpected “wow” factor to an otherwise mundane trick, like a 540.

It should be noted that this concept can also be applied to full gyros, but in doing so, the landings are identical to typical hyper conditions, and by extension, are identical to those of the opposite kick’s hyper-half-gyro.

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