A combo utilizing the skip transition from hyper and complete

Skips are covered pretty thoroughly throughout the site, but it should be mentioned again that they have enormous potential to manipulate stance from both vert and invert tricks, and into both vert and invert tricks while maintaining the same momentum line.

The beauty of the skip is its ability to function like not only a vanish, but also like a combination of swingthroughs, or carrythroughs.  No matter how a trick is landed, the performer is afforded the opportunity to change stance, then switch feet and change further.  This means that skipping from a mega landing, for example, can potentially reach takeoffs from either frontside or backside stance into cheat takeoff vert kicks, as well as hyper and semi swingthrough axis tricks.  Simply put, by skipping, any trick from the opposite leg is now fair game, regardless of what it is, or what stance you need to reach.

In the clip above, notice the skip transitions.  First, a skip from the aerial, which is a hyper landing into a mega takeoff, then again from the aerial-switch into the GMS, a complete landing into a hyper takeoff position.  Certainly a more straight forward, and generic combo could have been generated by going straight from the aerial into the GMS, but that option loses the most interesting and technical aspects of the combo.  Skipping into the aerial-switch creates a rhythmic change, adds difficulty, and utilizes an uncommon trick.  This combo could utilize a btwist in the same way as the aerial-switch, and would function identically, but the aerial-switch is a better demonstration of how to utilize landing stances to reach a desired position in order to facilitate a desired transition out, as well as being a nice aesthetic choice.

Learn more specifics about Skips in the Transitional Mastery and Invert Landings sections.


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