A missleg performed like a swingthrough

Breaking the rules:

Everything discussed on tricktheory exist as kind of ideal examples, but are actually just a series of observations used to define things that are common.  The definitions presented should be understood to be a method to explain possibilities.  They are not rigid facts, but tools that can be used to better understand concepts.  Nothing is perfect though, so most concepts have a way they can be broken into something uniquely different, yet still the same.

In a way, the wackknife is an example of breaking the rules.  The general rule of thumb for vert kicks being that kicks land on the non-kicking leg, unless they have a hyper condition, in which case they rotate a further 180 degrees before landing.  Wackknifes land on the kicking leg, but they dont really over rotate.

Likewise, on the invert axis, the “rules” for landing can be “broken”.  For example, a mega typically lands somewhat forward, and swings into aerial and btwist axis tricks.  However, it is possible to over rotate past a hyper landing, land in mega, and swing or missleg into cork axis tricks.  This generally means that a change of line has to take place.

This concept is demonstrated in the clip above.  Notice that the line of flip is not maintained, creating a perpendicular change to orientation and stance.  Simply put, he turns 90 degrees, creating a missleg that appears to be, and in many ways functions like a swingthrough.  In general, the swing and carry transitional definitions tend to be imply fluid, linear combinations, not abrupt changes in direction. By turning the corner the relative position of the stance is altered, creating a missleg transition, because the line of momentum in the in-air leg has to be altered.

The concept here is that by breaking the usual “rule” of continued momentum, and direction of flip, a variety of new potentials are created.  It is this concept of fluid, non-rigid “rules” that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Anything is possible with the right approach, because the “rules” are made to be “broken”.


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