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A similar phenomenon of ambiguity commonly occurs when comboing aerial and cartwheel into pop takeoff vert kicks.  The intent is generally to do a backside rotation, such as a “backside 900” (pop-540-round), with the understanding that the takeoff point is generally going to be from an inside stance, thus approximately 90 degrees less rotation to the target.  For this section, understand that whenever aerial is mentioned, any hyper landing trick can be substituted.  Aerial will be talked about specifically because of its commonality, and because it most often travels and lands perpendicular to the target, in an inside stance.  This position is widely accepted as backside, and a pop takeoff from here will generally be accepted as a backside rotation.  The problem, similar to that found in the btwist vanish example, is that extra rotation can occur, creating a position closer to an ideal frontside stance.  When this occurs, the rotational tag will often be downgraded to the next tier down.  In this case, the “backside 900” (pop-540-round) would logically be rounded down to a pop tornado (pop-360-round).  Occasionally, people will mistakenly label this as a “frontside 900”, which is completely incorrect; a proper “frontside 900” is a pop-720-round, while the above mentioned rotation is closer to the standard 360 degree mark, which corresponds with a tornado kick, not a “900”.

In the above diagram, the purple feet indicate the singular landing foot and position.  The horizontal dotted lines are used to indicate the mid point between frontside and backside rotations, with the diagonal dotted line set as the mid point between hyper and short semi landings.  These dotted lines can be useful for measuring whether a landing is slightly over rotated, or under rotated, and which direction to round the landing stances and vert kick rotational tags.


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