A combo utilizing the lotus swingthrough into both vert and invert tricks.

The lotus concept is still largely under-utilized, but is gaining popularity and recognition.  In simplest terms, this is similar to a mundane swing away from the target, and in vert kicking this is generally how it functions.  When inverting, however, the swing tends to function more like an opposite side master swing, or inward wrap.  This usually means that instead of a clean backswing being performed, the leg is swung inward and across the body, as if kicking a ball with the instep of the foot, and creating an almost side-flipping motion. This technique allows us to access the raiz axis from the other leg.  Simply put, this swingthrough is to semi- swingthrough raiz, as GMS is to mega swingthrough aerial.

It is important to remember that it is the concept that matters here, the lotus swing, not the kicking variations being performed.  In the video example, notice the inward swings into a vert kick early in the combo, then again into a doubleleg at the end.  To be clear, the transitions utilizing the lotus swing are swingthroughs.  The doubleleg at the end is referred to as a lotus-doubleleg, while the vert kick could be classed as a lotus- trick, it will typically just be referred to as a swing- kick.

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