Understanding transitions is important for trickers who want to do something new, or unusual, as well as those who just want to maximize their fluidity and power in a combo.  Transitions are as important to a combo as the tricks themselves, because they largely define the energy creation and preservation, as well as greatly influence the overall aesthetic of a combo.

In this section, each transition will be discussed.  Some transitions are incredibly simple, like the vanish, and will mostly discuss unusual scenarios involving the vanish.  Other sections will focus on misunderstandings about, or subtle nuances of a transition, or how they relate to one another.  To be clear, the concepts expressed assume the performer wishes to maintain a typical momentum line.  By changing direction or target, many of these concepts are altered.

Each of these sections utilizes the concepts and definitions in the Aeriform system, created by Dan Perez De Tejada, because there are simply no other good resources for studying tricking as a complete system, only individual definitions and beliefs that can vary widely from tricker to tricker.  By utilizing the Aeriformmat.com definitions as a base, a basic understanding can be made and expanded upon.  The point is not to force acceptance of these definitions, but rather to use them as a baseline, or common set of parameters to teach each concept.  As with everything in life, it is up to the individual to accept, adapt, or reject each concept once it is understood.





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