Tornado swingthrough gainer-arabian bound cork

To understand bounds, we’ll look at them from the points of view of the unified transitions they come from.

Pops land sequential, then take off 2 feet.  So the bound version of this would be to land sequentially, take an additional step, then take off from 2 feet.  Simple.

The reverse order creates another bound, similar to a reverse pop.  After landing on 2 feet, an adjustment step is taken, then a sequential takeoff.  Like the reverse pop, this form of the bound also requires the takeoff tag when performing vert kicks, to avoid ambiguity, because both cheat and swing takeoffs are possible using the same transitional name.  This type of bound is performed in the clip again.  Note that the performer does kind of skip from foot to foot, but the general outline of the bound is still the same: a unified landing, an adjustment step, then a sequential takeoff.

These two should function similarly to a redirect because of the multiple steps involved in landing or takeoff, with the only change being either landing or taking off with 2 feet simultaneously.

The punch version of the bound is slightly different, but follows the same pattern.  It could be seen as the combination of the unified portions of the others.  In this scenario, after landing on both feet simultaneously, an adjustment step is taken, followed by a takeoff from both feet.  It is an interrupted, or adjusted punch.

Regardless of the type bound being performed, whether it is similar to a pop, a reverse pop, or a punch, the transition’s name is simply Bound.



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