Get familiar with your redirects and unified transtions, specifically the pop and reverse pop.  The bound transitions allow you to utilize the 2 foot takeoff, landing, or both, with an extra step to increase power, control, or direction.

Proficiency with the reverse pop will help with the 2 forms of the bound that land on both feet.  It is easy to get somewhat stuck on this landing, sapping power from the step.  By being well versed in the reverse pop, this part of the transition will carry far more momentum and look less disjointed.

Similarly, familiarity with a single step into a pop takeoff will greatly help with the 2 forms of the bound with unified takeoffs.  Particularly when bounding with a unified landing into a unified takeoff, the single step pop takeoff will help substantially.

When landing sequentially, the step into a pop will help, but this is more or less just a simple redirect that happens to pop at the end, rather than cheat or swing.