On the invert axis, the pop is an excellent first step toward the coveted swingthrough transition.  When you are not yet ready to open up early, allowing for a powerful swingthrough, the pop allows the body to land more easily, but continue its momentum into another trick, often times a flip.

Using popped flips can be extremely useful for breaking down the mental barriers associated with flipping in combination.  Even this can be intimidating at first, so to work up to it, mimic the landing pattern of the feet from the desired trick, with a degree of rotation.  This will often look and function similar to a J-step that doesn’t swingthrough, but instead brings the feet together to jump.  Once you work out the movement, you use this as your setup into something safe and comfortable, like a flash kick, or pop full.  It is this step, step, turn, pop drill that will raise your tolerance for the next step, which is to pop from your desired trick.  The beauty is here you get to simulate a moderate amount of momentum into a skill, but with a high degree of control, making it substantially easier than doing it from standing, usually.  This simple step can greatly improve your ability to combo into popped invert tricks, which in turn, can help with the gross mechanics, and confidence necessary to later swingthrough into similar tricks.


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