c3k w/t 5r redirect 3h-Hyper (540 wt 9 redirect 7H)

The redirect is the ultimate in transitional convenience.  Simply put, a redirect is a sequential landing, an adjustment step, and a sequential takeoff.  This means that it generally functions like a vanish, or even a skip, but with an extra step in the middle to adjust positioning.  It is that extra step that makes redirects incredibly controllable, stable, and powerful. In the clip above, notice the Left to Right landing, followed by an extra step to the Left, finishing in a swing takeoff from Right to Left.  It is this Left Right Left Right Left pattern (or vice versa) that is most common with redirects.

Although it functions similarly to a vanish (a walking motion), it should be understood that because the landing and takeoff sequences are reversed, the redirect is actually the second form of a reversal, and is completely interchangeable with reversal, and by extension, all singular transitions.  Where one is possible, the others are too.

It should be noted that the Bound transitions is very closely related to the Redirect, but uses a unified takeoff and/or landing with an adjustment step in between.


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