A series of redirects into s/t double-cork

Because the redirect functions so similarly to a vanish, very little needs to be said in this section.  A thorough study and understanding of the vanish and reversal transitions should suffice.  That said, It would be useful to examine when we commonly see this transition.

Arguably the most widely recognized use of the redirect is in the swipe or hypered round (katana) to touchdown-raiz combination.  The performer lands on the inside leg, followed by the outside, then a step across is made, and the touchdown-raiz is initiated, outside leg first.  This combination could also utilize a reversal, or even a carrythrough transition, but the redirect is often preferred because its so much easier, and is able to generate enormous power into a trick widely used to power up others.  That adjustment step acts like a break in the combo, in many ways, which allows the tricker to not only step forcefully into the touchdown-raiz, but also to realign their momentum and balance for an optimal takeoff.

Similarly, this same technique is sometimes used within vert kicking to transition from hook kicks into cheat takeoffs.  This usually means that the hook kick will land in approximately an inside stance, then an adjustment step is made with the inside leg, followed by the cheat takeoff.


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