A series of tak-fulls


Controvery:  Tak Full is a Cheat Wrap Full

Within the TKT/Aeriform system, the wrap full is often understood to be a swingthrough into a tak axis twist, or a swingthrough “tak full”.  While the mainstream community does frequently acknowledge a tak full to be a “cheat setup into a ‘wrap full'”, it is still rare for the tak label to be applied to “wrap fulls”.  This topic stirs a lot of controversy because tak fulls generally dont invert much, while wrap fulls from the most common setups tend to be extremely inverted, and because the concept of a specific transition or takeoff type into taks is so deeply engrained.

The older, and stubbornly persistent wisdom surrounding the tak family stems from the takuraba, which is a cheat-arabian.  Because of this, it is often thought that the full version of the tak should likewise be a forward flipping skill.  While this may help with the execution of a tak full, the Aeriform system argues that the shoulder drops into an inside flip.  As the twist initiates inward, it can appear to be a forward skill, despite actually being a sideways one.

Increasingly, there are members of the community who do prefer the tak label, such as “swingthrough tak-full”, in the case of “wrap-full”.  The argument for wrap fulls actually being swingthrough taks could be likened to corks, and the way it changes, or doesn’t, depending on the setup and transition.  For example, using a cartwheel and vanishing into a cork vs a gumbi and swinging into one.  What makes them all corks is the flipping axis and relative degree of twist which, when looking at tak fulls vs wrap fulls, is the same.


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