A series of vanish transitions

A vanish is walking, they say. You land Left > Right, and you take off Left > Right, or vice versa. Vanishes are very common because of their simplicity. They are highly controllable, and efficiently transfer and create momentum.  The common vanishes are pretty well known and understood by the masses, particularly in vert kicking for its efficient transfer of momentum.  A simple example is tornado > tornado, or hook > cartwheel.  In the clip above, some common applications for the vanish are performed.

Utilizing vanishes into and out of other positions and common movements is a great way to add a degree of complexity and surprise in your combos, while efficiently generating or maintaining power.  This section will attempt to explain a few of the less common, or less obvious applications.

Vanish and Skip are closely related, and are interchangeable in combos.  Where one is used, the other can be substituted- often in a number of different ways.   This understanding is useful for adding variance to your combos, and exploring new and interesting possibilities.



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