hook vanish


Hyper-style hook kicks, or hooks taken all the way to frontside before being put down, create an often overlooked vanish into swing takeoffs. In this scenario, you hook on target, and as you set down in frontside, your inside kicking leg swings up and away from the target. In vert kicking, this is sometimes called a lotus swing, or lotus kick, and is akin to a vertical cork variation.  Similarly, from the hyper-style hook, a vanish into a cork or gainer is quite convenient, and in many ways mimics a j-step setup.  Notice that in the above clip, one of the examples has a stutter step, creating not a true vanish, whereas in the other, a true vanish is performed.

More typically, a hook kick will be put down in backside, or inside stances, allowing the performer to vanish into tricks like cartwheels, or btwists.  This method is useful for creating momentum, and maintaining the momentum line, and should be understood to function identically with swipe and hypered round (katana) tricks in place of hooks.