Hook carrythrough raiz vanish grandmasterswipe

A somewhat unconventional vanish that has been growing in popularity is the vanish GMS.  Technically, this is more like a new take on the same old thing, and functions exactly like a common tornado to tornado kick vanish would.  For example, hypered hook and round kick tricks, as well as other complete-landing inverts land on their outside leg first, followed by the inside leg.

As the second foot lands, the outside leg is lifted, where a small pivot similar to a cheat takeoff may or may not be executed to better align the momentum before the GMS is initiated.  This is not meant to be a traditional cheat takeoff, nor appear to be a raiz.  The knee lift is the beginning of the gms, and should generate some lift and flipping power.  Unlike a sideswipe, where the outside leg lifts behind, driving the flip forward, GM tricks tend to kick forward, often like a backswing.  Another, finer, detail to watch is the axis of flip.  Where a raiz axis trick, such as a sideswipe can be thought of as a somewhat forward or outside flip, the grandmaster family is typically an inside, or somewhat backward flip.

Notice the difference from a tak-full in the vanish grandmaster-twist below.  The leg never wrap, despite the body turning through the transition.  The leg stays back, and is almost working counter to the rotation, unlike a wrap which uses the legs and hips to follow or drive the rotation.

raiz v gmt

Raiz vanish Grandmaster-Twist


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